2022 - ongoing

Gozo - Malta

To achieve the goals for CO2 reduction by 55% by 2030 set by the EU, Malta is looking to reduce their dependence on liquid natural gas for all forms of energy.

The neighboring island belonging to the Republic of Malta, Gozo, is looking to lead by example.

Together with the Malta Foundation for Transport W&P Engineering is developing a small-scale lighthouse project on Gozo showcasing the integrated usage of renewable energy production, hydrogen storage, reconversion and waste heat usage. For this, a dual charging and fueling solution is being set up to provide a luxurious hotel chain brand with both EV charging for guests and a hydrogen filling station supply a Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle transfer service to and from the airport. The required energy is harvested on-site implementing previously unused areas for photovoltaic installations.

Though only on a small scale, this project bears the potential for over 1.18 Million km of CO2-free and climate friendly personal mobility.

2022 - Ongoing


With the project Wiesengarten, W&P Engineering is the leading developer of the biggest self-sufficient residential neighborhood in Switzerland, a country synonymous with regenerative power and ambitious energy concepts.

Relying only on photovoltaic roof and facade installations, the quarter is able to produce all the energy needed to provide 50 residential homes housing over 160 people and their personal vehicles with fully sustainable power. With the use of hydrogen technologies, the green energy produced in summer can be stored for and made available in the winter.

The engineering provided by W&P not only incorporates electric energy but implements all aspects of living comfort and building technology with heat, cold and domestic hot water in one fully integrated system.

This not only reduces interfaces in project structures but also makes use of synergies within the system that would go unnoticed if the project were to be realized by multiple engineering service providers.

2022 - Ongoing

The Dunloe Hotel &
Gardens - Ireland

A 5-Star hotel in southwestern Ireland is undergoing major reconstruction and in turn is looking to be energy self-sufficient.

The overall concept of the hotel is to integrate into its surroundings and accentuate the spectacular lush landscape.
To further develop the focus of harmony with the surrounding environment, W&P Engineering developed an energy concept that does not disturb the nature experience while providing complete independence and planning security.

The system uses a combination of a wind park, photovoltaics and hydrogen as an energy carrier to achieve full energy self-sufficiency without the need of a grid connection while reducing overall costs.

Additionally, the independent energy production and usage is presented to the hotel guests to add to the unique eco-friendly and sustainable experience of the hotel.


2021 Ongoing

Balvanyos Resort

W&P Engineering in cooperation with the Chair of Decarbonized Energy Systems of the Technical University of Berlin is assessing Balvanyos Resort on energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy solutions. The prestigious Grand Hotel Balvanyos is being extended with a new separate SPA area and numerous bedrooms. A completely new five-star Boutique Hotel and further construction projects are planned on the Balvanyos area and above. Balvanyos Resort is member of the ESPA (European SPA Association) and last years winner of the award for innovation and excellence in the european SPA & Health Resorts Industry.

2021 Ongoing

Holistic housing solution

By merging existing technologies and contemporary design, MUDAR offers smart and sustainable housing that lessens the environmental impact along with improving the quality of living.

W&P Engineering is developing an off-grid energy solution to impact the housing industry.

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Supply Concept
Platinum Mines
South Africa

Safe and sustainable power supply for mines and absorption cooling

Swiss research institute
WSL Birmensdorf

Our work on the new office and laboratory building included hydraulics research, concept and implementation planning, MSRL, LRV, and operational optimization of heating, cooling, and heat recovery.

Hotel in Plano

A hotel with convergence centers and shops is currently under construction on a 10-hectare plot in Dallas, Texas. W&P has looked into how such a development could be run in a sustainable manner, with low CO2 emissions and cost. The building is expected to run with as little grey energy as possible thanks to a combination of solar power generation and a cutting-edge heating/cooling system. Low operating temperatures are now possible thanks to the thermally activated components, which means that the amount of electricity required for the building, heat, and air conditioning are kept to a minimum. The thermally activated components also create a pleasant room climate.

Residential Development
South Africa

Steelpoort, South Africa, is building a new settlement. In addition to traditional residential construction, W&P will construct public facilities such as hospitals and shopping malls.

The goal is to create a dependable sustainable energy, waste, and wastewater concept. The overarching consideration can be used to leverage synergies. This increases the system's efficiency.

Mandarin Oriental
Hotel Palace, Luzern

HVAC planning with specialist coordination. Complex renovation in the luxury segment with bivalent heat generation CO2 reduction processes

Housing Development
Neugrün, Switzerland

HVAC planning with specialist coordination, 200 residential units,
Mindergie-P-Eco + Minergie-A Energy design.

Bulgarias transformation into a leader in
sustainable tourism

W&P Engineering provides tailor-made solutions for each individual hotel with the latest sustainable technologies. By implementing a sustainable concept, a reduction of CO2 - emissions close to zero can be achieved.