Saving Potential

Cost saving
Up to -40%
CO2 saving
Up to -85%

Our Services

  • Consulting

  • Concept creation

  • Planning

  • Monitoring



Like our concepts, our label will deliver a holistic assessment of a project. The various modules can be acquired successively by implementing sustainable, innovative, profitable and reliable systems.


    We provide customised energy solutions to optimise consumption, minimise emissions and elevate infrastructures.

  • Environment technology

    The generation of energy is only one aspect of building a sustainable future. We are also committed to providing smart recycling, disposal, waste management, water & waste water treatment solutions.


    The life cycle component evaluates the sustainability of all materials used within each system solution. In addition, generated waste and its recyclability is assessed.

  • Self-sufficiency

    By feeding energy into an interregional grid, we can regulate smart energy usage of locally produced energy to avoid power loss and the dilution of sustainable efforts.

  • Supply & Security of supply

    All holistic solutions must ensure continuous energy security within the supply network.

  • Mobility

    In addition to sustainable drive technology and sustainable mobility, we include concepts that can be used more efficiently. Our primary areas of expertise include electric vehicle power supply, hydrogen solutions, charging infrastructure networks, and storage.

Smart interdisciplinary & Holistic Solutions

We provide holistic solutions for infrastructures and buildings through our highly experienced team of specialised engineers, resulting in a direct environmental impact through energy optimisation and substitution, as well as significant cost savings.

Product neutral & independent

We are product-neutral and independent. This results in optimised concepts that benefit the customer in terms of efficiency and cost savings.